Radiolab è un software progettato per la gestione integrata di radiofarmacia ospedaliera. Questo programma consiste in un database, molto semplice da usare, in cui è possibile registrare, archiviare e gestire praticamente tutte le informazioni generate dalle attività di una radiofarmacia ospedale. Radiolab fornisce una immediata e completa tracciabilità, fornendo anche un grande aiuto nella gestione di rapporti, ordini, inventari e dei rifiuti radioattivi.




   Maggiori informazioni sulla Radiolab nell'articolo:


   Development of a new software for comprehensive management and traceability of hospital radiopharmacies

   Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine. 2013 Oct;112(1):166-72




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Radiolab Free Tryal

You can request a free 30-day trial version of Radiolab that allows to evaluate the program to see whether it meets the requirements of your hospital radiophamacy. During the 30-day trial period, this software is fully functional and almost identical to the full version. You just have to write an email with your name and the hospital where you work.

If you don’t receive our answer before 24 hours, please check your spam folder. If you find our email there, select the e-mail message and click "This is Not Spam." This will help future messages to get through.
Alternatively you can also contact us through Linkedin.


For running Radiolab on your computer, you need to have installed an operating system of Microsoft Windows (7 or later) and Microsoft Access 2013 or later. If you do not have any of thede vesions of Access installed in your computer, the demo of Radiolab can also work by installing a freely available runtime of Access 2013 runtime. You also need to have installed Adobe Reader.


You can write us as many times as you need or arrange Skype sessions so that we solve all the doubts or problems of installation or operation of Radiolab that may arise.


After testing the program, if you are interested, you can purchase a registration key Radiolab that allows integral and unlimited use of the software. Besides, you can also request a personalized quote, describing the changes needed to adapt the program to the specific characteristics of your radiopharmacy.




Latest version available in Italian

Radiolab 4.2








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