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What do I need to install Radiolab?

For running Radiolab on your computer, you need to have installed an operating system of Microsoft Windows (10 or higher) and Microsoft Access 365 or Access 2019 or higher version. If you do not have any of these versions of Access installed in your computer, the demo of Radiolab can also work by installing a freely available runtime (32 bits) of Access 365 runtime.

You also need to have installed Adobe Reader.


How much does a license of Radiolab cost?

You can request a quote without any commitment, by sending us an email indicating your full name and the hospital where you work, as well as the number of licenses you need, which depends on the number of computers where you want to work with Radiolab.

If necessary, you can also describe the changes necessary to adapt the program to the specific needs of your radiopharmacy. The cost of these modifications would also be included in the budget.


How can I pay the license of Radiolab?

We only accept payments using bank transfer.


What do I receive when I purchase a license for Radiolab?

When purchasing a license of Radiolab you will receive a key to register the program on a computer, which will allow you to use it indefinitely on that computer. The license includes free technical support and free updates for one year.


After I purchase Radiolab, how long does it take to receive the license key?

Once the bank transfer is confirmed, the registration key is sent to the buyer by email. Please note that the bank transfer process may require up to two business days. Therefore, if you do not receive your license information within 2 business days, check your spam mail inbox. If the email with the registration key is not there, send us an email or call us by phone so we can send it to you by another way.


Do I pay once for a license or does the license expire at some time?

The Radiolab license is a full retail license. The license is NOT a subscription that needs to be renewed periodically. You pay once and you can use the license as long as you please with the version of Radiolab that is available at the time of your purchase.


Can I install Radiolab on more than one computer?

Like most software, Radiolab is licensed per computer, meaning you have to purchase a license for every computer you wish to install the software on. Multiple licenses can be purchased at a substantial discount. See below.


Is there technical support?

The purchase of the license includes free technical support for one year from the date of purchase. But the technical assistance of networks is not included, which must be provided by the computer technical service of your hospital.


What is the update policy for Radiolab?

When you buy a license from Radiolab you are acquiring a license for the latest version of Radiolab that is available at the time of purchase. If a new version appears and you want to update it, you will have to acquire an upgrade license for the new version. Radiolab updates are free during the first year from the date of purchase of the license, after which you will have a significant discount of the current sales price. This discount will only apply to customers who hold a license from an earlier version of Radiolab.


How can I know when an update is available for Radiolab?

Visit http://www.radiopharmacy.net/radiolab.html to see what is the latest available version of Radiolab.




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