Multiple-Dose Withdrawal


Because the radioactive concentration decreases over time, the dose volume required to administer a particular activity increases over time. It is helpful to be able determine at any one time the activity remaining in a vial of radiopharmaceutical, as well as the volume that contains the activity required for a dose.

The dose withdrawal module calculates the volume of each dose according to activity, half-life of the radionuclide (which the user can select from a combination box with 48 radionuclides), time of dose withdrawal, initial activity and initial volume in the vial, and activity of any doses previously withdrawn. This screen also calculates the remaining activity and volume of radiopharmaceutical in the vial at any time.



With the help of this module, radiopharmacists and technologists may withdraw more accurate doses at the first attempt, reducing deterioration of the rubber septum, protecting the integrity of the contents of a typical multidose preparation (quality and patient safety improvement), and reducing exposure of the operator’s fingers to radiation (occupational health and safety improvement).