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the license purchase and the update of Radiolab



What do I receive when I purchase a license for Radiolab?

When you purchase a license for Radiolab, you will be emailed a receipt for your order and an email that contains a license key for Radiolab. There is no physical shipment. This license key is used to activate the evaluation version of Radiolab, which turns it into a retail version that can be used indefinitely. Instructions on how to use the license key can be found in the license key e-mail.

The purchase of any license of Radiolab includes one month of free e-mail support from the date of purchase and free updates for the first year from the date of purchase. For more information on updates, see below.


How much does a license of Radiolab cost?

You can request a quote without obligation, describing the changes you need to adapt the program to the specific characteristics of your radiopharmacy.

How can I pay the license of Radiolab?

We only accept payments using bank transfer.


After I purchase Radiolab, how long does it take to receive the license key?

Once the purchase is completed (bank transfer confirmed), the license key will be sent out to the buyer. Keep in mind that the bank transfer process may require up to two business days. Therefore, if you do not receive your license information within 1 to 2 business days, please check your spam filter inbox. If your license information is not there, email us for more information.


Do I pay once for a license or does the license expire at some time?

The Radiolab license is a full retail license. The license is NOT a subscription that needs to be renewed periodically. You pay once and you can use the license as long as you please with the version of Radiolab that is available at the time of your purchase.


What technical support options are there?

Together with your purchase, you will receive free email support from the date of purchase. But the purchase price does not cover phone support or any other one-on-one support that requires assistance or a technical support.


Can I install Radiolab on more than one computer?

Like most software, Radiolab is licensed per computer, meaning you have to purchase a license for every computer you wish to install the software on. Multiple licenses can be purchased at a substantial discount. See below.


Do I get a discount if I purchase more than one license?

Yes. If you buy two or more computer licenses, it will be applied a discount.


If I decide to purchase a second license at some later time, can I still get a discount?

No. If you think you may need more than one license, please take advantage of the discounts offered for the purchase of two or more single licences.


Will Radiolab continue to work when I purchase a new computer?

Yes. You can simply uninstall Radiolab from the old computer, install the software on your new computer and ask us for your new license key without any additional charge.


I no longer wish to use Radiolab. Can I return the product and get a refund?

No. You can download from www.radiopharmacy.net a trial version (demo) of Radiolab that allows you to evaluate the program for 30 days. That means that we offer a free 30-days evaluation period that you can use to test Radiolab. The trial version is almost fully functional, and has no limitation except a 30-days time limit. This period of time is more than enough for you to thoroughly evaluate the software. If you are not satisfied with the software, do not purchase it.


What is the update policy for Radiolab?

Radiolab has the same update policy as most commercial software. When you purchase a license for Radiolab, you get a license for the latest available version of the software at the time of purchase. If a new version is released and you wish to upgrade, you will need to purchase an upgrade license for the new version.


Will I be forced to update to a new version of Radiolab?

No. If you purchase a license for Radiolab, you will be able to use the version that was released at the time of purchase as long as you please. You will only need to purchase an upgrade license if you want to take advantage of the new features included with the update.


How do I upgrade my license to the latest version of Radiolab?

Download from the website of Radiolab the latest version of the program. But you must read carefully the manual of Radiolab before install it, in order not to lose the data from your records of the database. This is a delicate process, so if you have any doubt please feel free to ask via e-mail.


I do not wish to upgrade. How do I reinstall Radiolab?

If you do not wish to upgrade, simply install the version for which you have a license. But you must read carefully the manual of Radiolab before install it, in order not to lose the data from your records of the database. This is a delicate process, so if you have any doubt please feel free to ask via e-mail.


Where can I download the current version of Radiolab?

You can download the current version of Radiolab from here:



What kind of changes are included in software updates?

From time to time we may provide software updates for Radiolab that include functional changes, such as new features or support for new versions of Windows or Access.


How can I know when an update is available for Radiolab?

Simply visit http://www.radiopharmacy.net/radiolab.html and see the version of last update.


Will Radiolab work with future versions of Windows or Access?

We cannot answer this question until the new versions of Windows or Access are actually available. Obviously, we can test Radiolab only with the versions of Windows and Access that are currently available. We will make every effort to make Radiolab compatible with future generations of Windows or Access.



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